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[How far along]

We are at 32 weeks! Ah this kid could be here in 8 weeks (give or take).

[Size of the baby]

Little man is still growing, and the reference for size this week is Bok Choy or a squash... So we are looking at about 16.7 inches and 4 pounds. 

[Weight Gain]

Just under 30 pounds. Still feeling good about everything.


Every single time I lay down I feel nauseous lately (I am not laying on my back, sides only). Like I have said to some friends, I am pretty sure that 32 weeks of easy pregnancy is going to catch up with me eventually. There is definitely a bit of what seems to be round ligament pain, and I am having occasional Braxton Hicks contractions. Nate and I are preparing for the back pain to return and have the kanesio tape sitting out ready to go. Still not dealing with heartburn so I am guessing this kid is going to come out bald (this is not just a wives' tale apparently - article).

So other than all of that, I feel like I have been sitting on a bike for the last two weeks and I cannot drink enough water to keep my legs from cramping. I still am enjoying being pregnant though (for now haha).


We are having a little boy! The reveal story is here

[Nursery Update]

We are making progress and it would be almost ready for the little guy if he would come today. Missing some small stuff (like sheets and such) but for the most part it is good to go!


I have defaulted back to strawberries, bananas and apples. Seriously nothing is better.


Storage solutions
Organization Ideas for closet
Art/pictures on wall
Heartbeat print
"bearskin" rug?
Fairy moss jars
Peter Pan Hat
Dream Catcher
Lost Boys Blocks

I have everything for the Blocks bought, parts of the dream catcher are ordered and some of the stuff for the pictures on the wall. I also ordered the heartbeat print and it should be here soon!


I thought this kid was moving a lot before, but the past few days it has been even more than before. They are stronger kicks and movements too (obviously) so that has been fun. He has kicked Remi a couple of times and the dog didn't even react, just kept relaxing using my stomach/the baby as a pillow.

Goodness time is flying still. I guess we should start thinking about hospital bags huh?

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