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Well happy Monday! It really is a good morning for me because I started doing baby laundry last night and everything smells like baby now. Nate doesn't know what I mean by that, but someone out there does right?


After work, I headed south with 4 of my college friends. We about all ate our arm on our way down because we were so hungry, but we made it in time to hit the Amish buffet and everything was right in the world. After dinner we headed to my grandparents and talked with them and my mom a while before heading to bed.


I started off bright and early getting ready for the baby shower. Honestly, I could have woken up later and got ready fast but I like taking my time and letting myself get distracted with other things along the way. Anyway, the shower was brunch and my mom and grandma (and great aunts) kicked butt with it. The decorations were adorable and the food was perfect. This little guy is so loved by so many already and I feel so blessed to have such a great support system.

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 photo 20151024_103702_zps1paqvmm4.jpg  photo 20151024_103727_zpsqlbfk0pd.jpg  photo 20151024_103733_zpso9ie6gzd.jpg

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I spent the rest of the day with family and eventually mom and I headed back to their house. Of course though, with the way life goes my car decided it was not going any farther as I went up a hill going into town. Eventually it started up again after my dad and grandpa came out to look at it in the rain, and the got it back to my parents. After some tinkering all seemed right with it and we planned on me trying to drive it again in the morning before heading back to my house.


After picking up coffee with my mom, I hopped in the car to head to my grandparents again. Mom was following me thankfully because my car died going up a hill right before I got to my grandparents'. Luckily I was able to coast down the hill and get the car into their driveway. We unpacked everything and moved it to my Mom's car and then made our plan for getting the car to an auto shop. The fact that it died on the way there was such a blessing though because if it would have died on my way back to Franklin it would have been a mess. Oh well, we were planning on getting a new car, it will just be a little sooner than we had thought.

Once I got back to  our house, Nate and I unpacked everything and started organizing. I got laundry started and everything is starting to smell like baby now! The nursery itself actually looks like a nursery too which is cool. We are getting so excited.

I spent the rest of the evening working on some nursery crafts. hopefully by this weekend we will have some stuff up on the walls!
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[This Week]

Like I said, I plan on crafting quite a bit this week. Unfortunately, without a car there are a couple of things I can't work on because I needed to go and pick up a few more supplies. I should be able to get quite a lot done though! Our really good friends had their little one this weekend so we are hoping to go and see them as well, and it is Halloween this weekend! How on Earth will I dress up this bump?

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