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This kid is wearing me out and he isn't even here yet. Here is my update for 35 weeks a couple days late!

[How far along]

We are 30 days out from Leighton's due date. Any guesses on when he will actually make his appearance? Nate and I have been joking that he won't come on time and I will be induced on Christmas Eve, labor until Christmas day and then he will decide it is time. Lately we also have said that he will come early (on November 30) since I have two necklaces that have December birthstones in them. I guess we will see huh?

[Size of the baby]

There is a human inside of me that is the size of a Honeydew Melon...well then. So he is about 18.2 inches and 5.5 pounds (if he is like the average).

[Weight Gain]

Just over 33 pounds now. I found where my stretchmarks were hiding too, all on my butt. I was waiting to see them, I've earned these stripes.


Well, like I said, I have found the stretch marks, but my belly button is also getting worse. Seriously regretting that belly button piercing right about now. Saturday night I laughed a little too much I think and now I have a sore spot. One doctor call eased my worries, it is a nice strained muscle. Other than that I can no longer fit my ring on and am just starting to really feel the typical aches and pains of being this far along. I can't wait until this little guy gets here though!


We are having a little boy! The reveal story is here

[Nursery Update]

Still needing to buy diapers/wipes but otherwise it is done! I am finally ready to take pictures and share with the world!


I really, really want a cookie again. Unfortunately all I have at home is a box of cake mix so that was what I defaulted to.


Storage solutions
Organization Ideas for closet
Art/pictures on wall
Heartbeat print
Lost Boys Blocks
Maternity picture list
Newborn picture list & prop shopping list
Hospital bag packing list
Diaper bag packing list
Peter Pan Hat
Dream Catcher
Cradle Sheet

The nursery is done. Like really done. So are my lists for the hospital. Our bags aren't 100% packed yet, but they are close enough that I could throw a couple of things in each really quick and we would be fine if needed. On to the lists for pictures!


The idea that all of our plans are being made with an asterisk by them from now on is so crazy to think about. Also the fact that Nate and I are staying home and making Thanksgiving dinner for just us is weird too. To top off the craziness, I keep walking downstairs and seeing my Christmas tree up and that is just driving me nuts. I am a very strict no Christmas until after Thanksgiving kind of person.

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