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You know things are getting real when your pregnancy app adds a new button saying "Baby Arrived" and when you download a second app for timing contractions easily. This got here fast.

[How far along]

We have made it to 36 weeks! Ah I can't even believe it. There are only 28 more days (or more or less) between us and our baby boy. I'm still feeling the 6th, so 11 days early. Not sure why, just sounds right.

[Size of the baby]

Leighton is approximately 18.7 inches and just under 6 pounds (like always, if he is like the average baby). This makes him the size of a coconut or a winter melon. Sheesh! He is for sure running out of room, I can attest to that. 

[Weight Gain]

Um, well I was at 35 pounds this morning, but we went and got Chinese at a buffet last night so I am blaming the extra bit on that.


Goodness I just feel pregnant. Seriously all the swelling, aches and exhaustion you hear about is finally hitting. I am doing my best to keep moving though, that and drinking a crazy amount of water.


We are having a little boy! The reveal story is here

[Nursery Update]

I am taking pictures of it either today or tomorrow since it is finally sunny outside! Everything has its place (at least for now) and I am really, really excited to share it.


Well, I made a cake this week and guilted Nate into buying me ice cream after his workout to eat with it. At the moment though, a Chick-Fil-A lemonade sounds like heaven.


Maternity picture list
Newborn picture list & prop shopping list

Really I have a general idea of what I want for both sets of pictures and my lovely mother is doing them so I can be pretty informal about it all. The big one on the list is just getting this house clean before baby comes and it gets even messier.


Doctor's appointments are every week now! And I finally got my lasagnas made. Nate got home in time to save me because the lasagna was winning let me tell ya. Just so we are clear, I am never attempting to make four pans of lasagna at once and by myself ever again. It was a two person job for sure.

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