Friday Lovin' | November 20

Alright, we made it to another Friday. I've got a car seat check, a doctor appointment, friend dinner, church and a lot of cleaning between now and Monday so I am sure the weekend will fly by. Until then, let's talk loves for the week.

1 | Shonda Rhimes

shonda rhimes someecard

Really though, I cried multiple times again last night (during Grey's specifically). She gets me every time. 

2 | Products

[John Frieda Colour Refreshing Gloss]

So obviously my hair has been through a lot. After being brunette for almost my entire life (all but a short, barely blonde period in college), I took the plunge and really went for it. I loved it, but after we moved I didn't want to find a new salon and it was a lot of work. So I ended up coloring my hair dark again (like back to my natural, I think) and it stayed put for about one wash. It is really just a couple of spots that lightened up, but still. So I ran out to Wal-Mart and grabbed a bottle of this stuff just hoping it would do the trick. It did. My color isn't perfect still, but it is a lot better in the faded areas and I only notice it because I know where to look. I have only used this once and it says to use once a week for a month for full results so it can only get better right?

[Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer]

Recently I ran out of my Vaseline Spray and Go Lotion so I wanted to try something new and still easy. Honestly, I was skeptical about this stuff but I really like it. It isn't quite intense enough to soothe my itchy belly, but it is perfect for the rest of my body. Even better, it is not greasy at all and smells pretty good. The only negative I have about it is that it gets cold standing in the shower dripping wet while you apply it, but that is a pretty poor complaint!

[Becca Under Eye Corrector]

I started using this after watching a Nat + Liv video on how Natalie brightens her under eye area. Now she does a lot, and I do makeup like that on myself occasionally but I figured I could adapt that process to fit my "everyday" makeup (let's be honest, I don't wear makeup everyday). I was super happy with the results. I paired this with my Make Up For Ever concealer and my Cover FX Matte Setting Powder and I loved the result. My dark circles were so well covered, I was honestly shocked.

3 | Hallelujah

This is everything.

All I can ask is why did it take so long for someone to do this? Goosebumps and happy feelings galore.

4 | mamaRoo

So by the end of the day on Thursday, Remi just had enough and wanted attention. Well I was working obviously and had stuff to finish so I decided to try and distract him with something. As soon as I turned on the mamaRoo he laid down and just watched it until he heard the garage door open and Nate come inside. Fingers crossed it works that well for the little guy too!

5 | The Berry's Morning Coffee






Happy Weekending Friends!

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