Bumpdate | Weeks 33 & 34

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Yea, I don't have an excuse for why I didn't post my update last week. I mean life happens and I got distracted, let's be honest. So here is two weeks of updates in one!

[How far along]

The countdown is under 40 days. We were at 34 weeks Thursday, which means only 39 (give or take a few days possibly) stand between us and our new life with this little boy.

[Size of the baby]

Butternut Squash or a Cantaloupe. So he is about 17.7 inches and 5 pounds (if he is like the average).

[Weight Gain]

31 or so pounds. It is crazy to see these numbers. I still feel pretty good though and I am so thankful for that.


I am definitely starting to feel hot more often, until recently I honestly had been cold more than hot. Baby brain is happening, Nate thinks it is just an excuse but I believe it is real. I have noticed a bit of swelling in my hands throughout the day, but nothing crazy or painful. Truly though, I think having 32 weeks of easy sailing is starting to catch up with me, as I expected. Honestly, I think the best thing I have been doing to help with everything is just drinking a ton of water. I was starting to get a lot of leg cramps and I really bumped up my water intake and ever since I have felt so much better. I also came up with a simple workout plan to keep me moving until the baby comes which has been good. Squat 'til he is here is the motto for the next 40 or so days.


We are having a little boy! The reveal story is here

[Nursery Update]

It looks so adorable, yeah I am biased but still. We are definitely ready for baby. Needing diapers, wipes and a few little things but if he would come today we would be fine.


Well lately I have really been wanting a cookie. Apples are still high on my list though too!


Storage solutions
Organization Ideas for closet
Art/pictures on wall
Heartbeat print
"bearskin" rug?
Lost Boys Blocks
Maternity picture list
Newborn picture list & prop shopping list
Hospital bag packing list
Diaper bag packing list
Peter Pan Hat
Dream Catcher
Cradle Sheet

Progress is being made, this is seriously all I worked on this all last week and have been working on it all this week too. Sharing it all soon (next week)!


I have last minute lists that I am working on finishing up. One of which is our hospital bags list. Any must have or must leave items from you other mommies? Also working on getting the diaper bag ready. It is so real now I can't even believe it!

So last Sunday at church, I underestimated how big my stomach was and how close the railing on the kneeler was and I bumped it and almost fell off. That would have been embarrassing...

We had our breastfeeding class this week and I am feeling a lot better about it all. Breastfeeding in general is one of the only things that is causing me a bit of anxiety so it was nice to leave with some peace of mind. 

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