Friday Lovin' | November 6

This has been a pretty awesome week, and it has really flown by. Here are the things that have made it even better.

1 | This Partnership

I think everyone was in shock and awe listening to this version of Drink You Away this week during the CMAs. Honestly, it was amazing and I have watched it/listened to it multiple times since it originally aired. 

2 | Products

[derma|e Hydrating Night Creme]

I received a jar of this lovely creme c/o BrandBacker and derma|e and I am beyond ecstatic about it. I have been using it for about 5 days now and my skin feels/looks so much better. The fall weather has really done a number on my skin and I credit this nourishing creme with all the positive change that I have seen. I will be doing a Fall Skincare post next week so be on the lookout for that to see what has been making my life lately.

[Lip Service by LUSH]

I have started really laying this on thick while I am doing my makeup. My lips have been super chapped lately and I have noticed a huge difference since I started using it.

3 | These words

As I was scrolling through Bloglovin' this week I came across this article and I just felt like I was meant to. So often I struggle with patience and I know with Leighton coming anytime in the next 6 weeks my patience will be tried over and over again while he grows up. 

4 | Original Songs

More specifically, this one. 

We were watching The Voice this week and Nate and I both perked up when we heard someone would be singing this one. Unfortunately, he didn't do it justice (in our humble opinion) so I immediately headed to Spotify and pulled up the real thing. It will forever be a favorite song of mine. 

5 | The Berry's Morning Coffee

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Really though, I am still not okay with this.

And that is the list. Hopefully tonight I can add a new car to this list. Two weeks of not having one has led to a very homebody life for me.

Happy Weekending Friends!

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