The food though...

If I were to go back and pick a theme from the weekend, it would be food. Lots of food. It was all really good food too. I mean, that is a successful weekend to me!


So on Thursday, I finally got around to making the lasagna I have been talking about for two weeks now. It was a not so pleasant experience and I doubt I will ever attempt to make more than one at a time again. Anyway, Friday night we had our friends over for dinner and ate one of the pans of lasagna. I must say, I was impressed with myself. It was yummy and just what I needed on a Friday night. The rest of the evening was spent chatting and letting dogs play. You know, the typical Friday night of married twenty-somethings that don't spend every free night at the bar. I love these kind of nights, they are refreshing.


The last few weekends that we have been home on Saturday, I have been making breakfast/brunch for Nate and I. This week I decided to try something new and we had Cinnamon Toast Pancakes. Holy yum. They were kind of chewy (I think I over mixed them), but the flavor was really good and knowing they were decently healthy helped too.

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Later that day we decorated the rest of the house with Christmas things. It took a bit to figure out how to use the decorations from our old house here, but I think in the end it ended up working quite well. Other than the fact it is done a week earlier than I would like, I really like the coziness of it all. Plus it was snowing as we decorated so it made it feel a little less wrong.

That evening we went to Big Woods Brewery in Nashville, IN for dinner with our friends and their family. I had some smoked pork tacos that were so, so good and followed that up with donut holes (with cinnamon sugar glaze and chocolate for dipping). Oh, I was a very happy person. Donuts have been my thing from the beginning and these pork tacos had sriracha mayo on them that just really added to the BBQ and pork and it was delicious. Definitely worth the drive and freezing cold wait we went through.


We made it back to church! Both of us are really enjoying the place we are trying out. It is modern enough without being a big TV type feel. Anyway, after church we headed to the grocery and bought our first turkey ever. Thursday will be the first time that we don't have Thanksgiving with our extended family (we alternate sides each year), but my mom and brother are joining us this year. Turkey cooking is all up to Nate, I am sure it will taste perfect.

After lunch we sat down and watched the Colts game, I slept through probably all of halftime and 3/4 of the third quarter. I am just so, so tired. I woke up in time to watch them win it though so that was fun.

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Again, per our norm we ended the night with a big bowl of popcorn.

[This Week]

I have my 37 week appointment, yup I am full term this week. Super weird to say. Also it is Thanksgiving, obviously. So we are cooking up a storm after maternity pictures on Thursday. Other than that it is life as usual, just waiting for this baby to come and change our lives.

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