The Waiting Game

Man, I really was dreading Monday this week. Having four days off in a row was just really relaxing. I am going to be honest, I slept quite a bit. This kid/pregnancy is just exhausting me and I am trying to soak in as much sleep as possible before he comes. 


Obviously, Thursday was Thanksgiving. Well Nate and I were not feeling to comfortable traveling this year since Leighton could really decide to come at any time now so we stayed home. My mom and one of my brothers ended up joining us and together we made some pretty yummy food. 

Before that though, we headed to the park nearby and snapped a couple of pictures. I didn't really care about getting the standard maternity pictures. Honestly I just didn't feel like I needed a lot of pictures of my belly, what am I going to do with those? I had pictures of it from almost every week already so I didn't feel like it was necessary. That being said, we basically just had a few "family pictures" taken that I happen to be pregnant in. 

We paid attention to my belly and made it a focus in a few, but really it was just pictures of Nate and I (and Remington). Of the one's that we are highlighting the fact I am pregnant though, this one (above) is one of my favorites.

Afterward we headed home to make our dinner and just hang out. We ended up watching the entire season of Naked and Afraid XL. It was actually a bit ridiculous, but by the time I decided I was over it we were so close to the end that we just finished it out.


Thursday was spent with Mom and Brother, and Friday was spent with friends from up north. Us girls headed to a local boutique for a bit of shopping, while the boys did who knows what. Then we enjoyed some leftovers and just chatted for a while. Eventually we headed out for some pizza at Greek's (it was perfect and exactly what I was wanting). To end the night we watched Guardians of the Galaxy, well half of us watched it.


Saturday was a cleaning day. I seriously just kind of started picking up some stuff and doing laundry throughout the morning. Nesting? Maybe. Then around lunch I headed to target with my lovely friend and we took advantage of the Christmas decor sale they had going on. Obviously we walked out with more than just Christmas things, but I was actually pretty close to only getting what I went in for.

Later on I started feeling a bit more contractions than I had been so we started timing just for the heck of it (and just in case). Nothing changed the rest of the day so no biggie yet, but I did ask Nate to bring my hospital bag back in and I updated it a bit. It is back in the car and officially ready to go.


During Church I started feeling contractions again and they continued to stay the same throughout the next chunk of the day. I am really, really trying to not get too worked up/excited about them when they happen because like I have said they aren't getting closer together/stronger yet so just practicing.

After the Colts game we headed to the grocery store. It was a bit of a different list than normal, because we don't want to buy a bunch of stuff that could end up spoiling if we end up in the hospital this week. When we got back, I was on my laundry game from Saturday and then really just relaxed the rest of the evening.

[This Week]

Well let's see. My 38 week appointment is Thursday (so weird). I am going to be doing all sorts of squats and eating pineapple until then. Unfortunately it is really cold out now so I don't know if I can make walks happen, but I should probably try. If we are still pregnant come Saturday, the girls are headed here for a cookie baking day so that will be all sorts of fun and yummy! Then that night is the tree lighting and other Christmas for our little town so we will head there.

And that is our weekend! Hope you had a great one with your families/friends/loved ones!

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