Two years & a Hole in One

This is the first time this year I have been happy about a Monday, and it is only because it is a reminder of the best day of my life. Today Nate and I celebrate 2 years of marriage! Sheesh how time flies. Two years ago we were counting down to our wedding day and now we are counting down to the birth of our baby boy. Who would have thunk? Anyway, on to the weekend.


Last weekend our close friends had their baby so Nate and I decided to head up and visit them and their little munchkin this weekend. So, true to form after work we packed up and made what is probably our last trip to Fort Wayne before Leighton's arrival.

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We arrived a bit later than planned so we just sat and talked with one of Nate's brothers before calling it a night. 


Nate took the morning and went hunting with his dad and some other family while I took advantage of the lack of plans and slept in. I am so, so thankful that Remi is finally to a point where he will sleep until I get up now. Waking up (for good) at 9:00 a.m. felt so refreshing. Eventually Nate and I got ourselves presentable for going out in public and we did a little shopping while waiting for our friends to give us the go ahead to come visit. We had just enough time to buy stuff for our Halloween costumes and check one more person off our Christmas shopping list.

After seeing the precious baby (who is absolutely perfect), we headed back to Nate's parents and made my "costume".

 photo d9b89e3c-8fee-4466-b8a8-ab5bd531719a_zpsn7pgf6zg.jpg

We went as a "Hole in One", Nate was the golfer and I was the green. It was pretty clever and super easy. The rest of the night was spent at a family Halloween Bash filled with yummy treats.


It was a pretty standard Sunday on the road for us. After church we packed up while lunch was being made and then headed home after eating/chatting a bit. With clear roads we made it home in good time and I hit the grocery store while Nate cleaned the kitchen (he is so great). We also put everything up in the nursery and it looks so good! I have one more thing to finish up before I share it with you all, but that should be done by Thursday.

After catching up on previous episodes of Blood and Oil, we watched the current episodes of  Quantico and then Blood and Oil and called it a night.

[This Week]

Tonight is date night in honor of our anniversary! Fingers are crossed that we hear something about our car this week too. It has been stuck at an auto shop near my parents house for the last week and they can't figure out what is going on with it. Only having one car and working from home is no fun. Last week I realized that I hadn't left the house in four days...that is an issue.

Hope you had a fabulous Halloween Weekend!

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