Four the Love of Friday | March 4


So there are tons of different versions of Friday Favorites posts out there. I wanted to try something new here though and you just tell me what you think. Instead of five things, I am playing with words still with Four the Love of Friday. You get 4 things in 4 categories now. So many good things to make you smile on your Friday.

1) Four Thirsty Skin

Winter is killing me. All the up and down of temperatures associated with Mid West living are just not fun. Anyway, here are four products I am loving to try and combat it all.


Heavy moisture without the greasy feeling that follows. I love this night creme for nights when my skin just really needs a boost.


Normally I am drenching my face in this primer to keep oil at bay, but now I am bathing my face with the Smashbox Primer Water instead. It puts moisture back into my skin and helps prep my face for foundation. Not sure what the magic is behind it, but it works for me. No one wants cracked foundation face due to dry skin.

 AVEENO®POSITIVELY RADIANT®Daily Moisturizer with Broad Spectrum SPF 15

If it works for Jennifer Aniston, it works for me. Well and it actually just works. Helps my face feel so much more moisturized without being heavy or oily.


I load up on this every night. Mine is in Coconut so that is an added relaxation bonus. It is so thick it just feels heavenly, especially when I have been wearing a matte lip all day. My lips need extra TLC then.

2) Four Workouts


I hate, hate, hate wearing arm bands to hold my phone, but workout leggings don't come with pockets so I had to find a solution. Enter FlipBelt, my saving grace. It is low profile and not quite a fanny pack. Wearing it is comfortable and I can move my phone around to accommodate whatever exercise I am doing at the time.


Nothing tastes better than cold water during a workout. I don't like drinking from water fountains so this is the perfect solution. My water stays cold the whole time. 


I recently found a hole in my Nike's that I was wearing so I have gone back to my Nike Free's. I forgot how much I loved them. Add another replacement item to my birthday list this year.


When I need a workout to follow and don't want to ask Nate to make one out for me, I turn to Body Builder. I either use the app or write one out ahead of time. It does the job and there are tons of workouts to choose from.

3) Four Baby


We are fighting some cradle cap and have gone to the tried and true method of oil. It seems to be working, not a one and done thing, but working.


Not only are we dealing with dry skin on Leighton's scalp, but the winter weather is drying out the rest of his skin. The Aveeno Baby lotion wasn't cutting it so we have turned to Eucerin, if this doesn't keep making improvements then we will try Aquafor next.

Raffi, Donut Man and Veggie Tales Playlists

This may be more of something for me than him, but in search of help for singing songs I turned to Spotify. I started searching for Raffi songs and was pleasantly surprised to find them. I stayed on that mindset and continued searching for other musical fun from my childhood. I found them all. Winning.

Potato Feet Pacifier Clip

I love this pacifier clip. It is so simple, but looks so nice. Potato Feet has a bunch of other cute things too, maybe a pair of moccs will be in Leighton's future.

4) Four Smiles

How could you not smile about Fuller House. I am trying my hardest to not binge and watch it all. So far so good too. We are two episodes in, and I love every minute of it.
But really...

This looks like pure heaven to me. Marshmallows and Baileys. YUUUUUM!
Do not touch Momma's coffee. I need this mug.

And that is that loves. Happy weekending!

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