Hello, March

I can't remember exactly where we were in Ireland when I took this, but I want to go back.
We have moved on one more month into this new year (enter cheesy I can't believe it comment here). Really though, I can't believe it. My baby will be three months old soon. That in itself seems crazy. Anyway, here is a look into our life currently.


I could go back to Ireland. Actually, I think this has been a wish every March since I have gone. Not because I went in March (I went in January), but because March means St. Patrick's Day which means Ireland.


Donuts still. Nope not pregnant and I am still craving them. Specifically Rise-n-Roll. They have the BEST donuts ever. There is a new place in town though that is supposed to have donuts and I really need to try them out.


To get a pedicure! Well technically I am on Saturday, but the last time I went I couldn't see my toes. I am excited to be able to enjoy it this time. Now I just need it to stay warm out so that I can show it off!


My pre-pregnancy pants (comfortably)! This is huge for me, not because I thought it wouldn't happen, but because my labor and delivery class teacher said we would never fit into our pre-pregnancy pants again. SCREW YOU LADY, unless your goal was to motivate me to get back into them faster (which if that is the case, then congrats). So, yup my pre-pregnancy clothes fit again. The shirts fit differently because I am still breastfeeding and my boobs are still larger than normal (not mad), but they fit!

Speaking of shirts, I also have been wearing a LOT of shirts from Anna's style boutique. I have mentioned them before, but it is worth mentioning again. Anna and the other ladies that work there are all so, so nice and the clothes are on point (so are the prices). Check them out on Instagram here or on their website here.


I am learning that I am really bad at focusing on one thing. Like I could go upstairs to grab a pair of socks and end up reorganizing our closet (and I would never grab the socks). With the addition of Leighton into our every day routine, my focusing has gone even more down the drain. We are working on ways to keep me on task,  but Lordy it is a challenge. Thankfully I have the best husband ever who understands my quirks and tries to help me reign it all in before I cry.


- 4 posts (at least) a week
- All post scheduled ahead of time
- Pray
- Leighton's 3 month pictures
- Find kitchen rugs
- Finish bulletin board
- Finishing touches on blog update

Bring it on March!

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