Recognizing the Rut

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So before we get into the real meat of what I want to talk about, let's quickly recap the weekend. 


My Dad hit the big 5-0 on Friday and he and my littlest brother spend the day up here watching the little guy. Then we all drove down to Southern Indiana for the weekend. Friday night was much too late as we stayed up to watch our Hoosiers. Unfortunately it didn't work out, but that happens.


Leighton doesn't change his schedule because Mom and Dad stayed up watching a basketball game, so we were up nice and early. We didn't do much all day, but it was nice to relax with family. Plus we ended the day with a campfire, hot dogs and an Amish County sunset.


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Church came quickly Sunday morning and Leighton was not his normal sleepy self through it. Plus we had a really close call with an almost blow-out. He looked darn cute though. We had a delicious meal as normal at my Nanna's and Leighton got a whole bunch of love throughout the day. Eventually we packed up and made the drive home. Again, Leighton was not his normal sleepy self and the right was not quite pleasant. When we got home we just settled back into our lives and tried to get our schedule back on track...

So, speaking of settling. You probably have noticed that it has been a while since I posted last. That is because I am in a rut of sorts. Not only in blog world but in my regular world. I wake up work and take care of my kid. Lately it seems like that is all I care about. That isn't what I want and I am really struggling with it. I want to do more than just go through the motions. My husband deserves it. My child deserves it. I deserve it.

All talk though. Until I make change and set goals, all I will be is talk. So it is time to hold myself accountable. Here are the goals, and the reward.


Blog | 3 Posts Published, 3 drafts for next week, buy domain name
Health | 3 workouts, 1 run
Personal | Find motivation to achieve this weeks goals
Home | No more cluttered spaces

Seriously though, I turn 25 in a few weeks. It is time to get my life together. I want to be a mom who hustles, a wife who inspires and a woman who is proud of herself. 

Here is to Monday, and here is to changes.

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