Through My Partner's Eyes

Hey All,

I have decided to write a post for/to my wife. This is pretty new to me, though KatiAnne has been doing this now for a while. In this blog Kati, goes through and recaps her life, shows off her talents with makeup and hair styling (though she is equally as beautiful without them) and recently has been showing off our beautiful son (he gets it from her). 

What I have also noticed is she has been very hard on herself on the topic of being ‘Super Mom’, and falling short of her expectations. Well, she has been very honest and real with all of you ‘in her 
opinions’, but now its time that she and the rest of her followers hear the truth through My Eyes.

When I see Kati, I do not see a super mom, I see a super woman. Word of advice to you mothers and  wives, your husbands are not looking for a super mom, they are looking for you to be the women they married and the one they fell in love with. You do this by loving your child and loving them. 


That is something Kati has never fallen short of. She loves, and that is what a husband is looking for. 
Trying to accomplish a thousand different things will only drive you crazy and cause you to accomplish less than if you were to focus on just a couple things. This is why Kati is so hard on herself. She has set so many goals and does not realize what she has achieved because she only sees a never ending list. 

Set realistic goals, achieve those goals, make new goals, love the Lord and love your family. If you can do this, you can not go wrong in your partner’s eyes. I am so proud of my wife, and though I may not express it enough, she is my super woman, and I love her more and more each day. I feel as the husband/partner, it is my job to help motivate and support my wife in all that she does which is something I can always do better at. 


So to Kati and to those in her position, you are amazing or your partner would not be with you. We 
loved you before you felt you had to accomplish every goal you ever set in a day. Reward yourself for achievements and remember the most important thing is to Love. Kati, you love more than anyone I 
have ever met, and Leighton and I could not be luckier to call you wife and mother. Remember that we are proud of you whether you meet your goal of cleaning the kitchen or taking over the world.

Thank you all for supporting my wife in her journey and remember you are all amazing in your partners eyes.

- Nate

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