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It was a crazy week and a productive weekend. This will make for a pretty good Monday morning, I just know it. Besides, I have every intention of waking up, grabbing some coffee and tackling the day head on. Time to punch Monday in the face and do work! Before we get going though, here is a quick recap of the weekend's accomplishments and my goals for the week ahead.

Oh, and did you notice the change? I finally got my domain all set up. Yay! I love it, that alone helps to get me out of my funk. Okay, on to the recap.


After work we spent the evening just hanging out as a family. I made dinner (my favorite simply/healthy pasta) and then Nate ran out and got us Blizzards after. It is all about balance people. Leighton fell asleep decently early and surprised us by sleeping all night long. Win!


I headed to Greenwood to hang out at the new boutique (Anna's has a second location now, if you aren't local make sure to follow on Instagram), since I am working there next weekend. We waited around until Remi was done at the groomer and then we headed to pick him up. All the while, Nate was golfing with the boys...bad idea. They quit on 16 because the wind just wasn't cooperating and it was cold.

After a quick stop at Anna's here in town, we headed to the north side of Indy to hang out with Nate's fraternity brothers some more. It was Leighton's first house party. He handled it like a pro.


It feels like we got so, so much done today! I had a mountain of laundry that had doubled in size over the last week and we made that disappear. Our bathroom also got a much needed scrubbing and Nate started on the last section of cabinet painting. I even got some errands taken care of. Seriously, a super productive day. I loved it.

So we made it to another week, and also another month. It is my birthday month! Eek, here comes 25. Bring it! Here is what I am trying to accomplish this week.


Blog | 3 Posts Published, 3 drafts for next week
Health | 3 workouts, 2 runs, 2 yoga
Personal | Do something that makes me feel good about myself, more pictures throughout the week
Home | Vacuum three times, sweep floor daily, keep sink empty

Honestly, I feel like the more we keep our house in order the better I feel. That being said, I need to make it happen. What do you do to make yourself feel awesome when you are in a funk?

Happy Monday my loves. Wake up and punch the day in the face. You've got this. 

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