Me Time

Everyone needs a little "me time" every now and then. For me, it takes a little more scheduling and sometimes multi-tasking. Take for instance this very moment (yup as I am writing this post). I am also taking some "me time" and pampering my skin with a GlamGlow mask. Really I just try and make sure that at some point in the day I put myself first. You can't pour from an empty glass.

Sometimes I get lucky and have more than 15 minutes to pamper myself, and when that happens here are some of the things I treat myself to.

I have received some of these items from companies for testing purposes, they are marked with c/o after them. Although I received these products free, these are my honest opinions. I wouldn't say I liked something if I didn't, and I certainly don't mess around about skincare.

A Bubble Bath

Nothing beats it. Grab a glass of wine, pick out a relaxing playlist, and drop a bath bomb into the tub. Yes please. Sometimes I get brave and even read a book (honestly most times I am too scared I am going to drop it though).

A Mask

Like I mentioned before, I try and do a mask throughout the week as I am doing something else. Sometimes though I do a hair mask and a face mask at the same time (bonus points if manage to wear both masks while I am soaking in the tub). I love coconut oil for my hair. It washes out nice and really makes my hair and scalp feel moisturized. 


Powered by Protein

 photo Powered-by-protein_zps4unjzjo2.jpg

I have really been trying to up my protein intake, but I just never seem to get enough. Enter the smoothie. Yup, plain and simple a berry smoothie with an extra punch of protein. It is a simple way to add an additional source of protein into my diet and smoothies have always been a favorite of mine. Adding this extra kick with the vanilla protein from Pure Goodness just made it even better. It took some trial and error to get my perfect mix but here it is!

I received this protein powder from Pure Goodness for testing purposes, but as always all thoughts and opinions are my own. I would never tell you guys I liked something if I didn't.

 photo ProteinSmoothie_20110317_0001_zpsg5ab4fhb.jpg

Give Me All the Coffee

 photo Runs-on-coffee_zpsk5eimvlu.jpg

Anyone else? Lately it really does seem like it would be more efficient to have a coffee iv running at all times. I make at least one pot in the morning and a large cup in the afternoon. I would drink more too if my Kurig made larger amounts. The struggle guys.

Onward with this weekend's recap.


Friday night was a girls' night/guys' night kind of thing. Nate, Leighton and one of our good friends all stayed at our house and watched basketball. I headed out for some girl time and pizza at Greek's. I am always down for pizza and beer, and it really hit the spot.
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