Changes are coming, yet again.

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First of all, I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We spent the New Year in Florida soaking up the sunshine. It was fabulous. If you follow me on social media you would have seen all of that so I am going to skip it and head straight into the "State of the Blair House."

So, if you have been around this blog for any length of time or if you are friend/family member, you will know that we are currently living in our second house. When we moved into this house, we quickly found out we were pregnant and so then we got to start adjusting for that too. We moved because Nate got a new job, and then later last year I made a switch to a new job. All the while we were raising our energetic child and dog. It is a fun time around here

Well, we apparently like to switch things up. We are moving, again!

There is no real reason for our move other than it was just a good time to get out of our neighborhood. Everything has kind of fallen into place now and we are planning the actual move. Packing with a 1-year-old is tons of fun, in case you didn't know.

So our journey of selling this house and buying a new one has not been super smooth until recently.

We sold the house "by owner" so that had challenges in itself. Long story short, we have been on the market for a while. The house was sold at one point and it ended up falling through, but now we have the closing set so I can say that it is happening!

Nate and I have always said that we wanted a project house that had character, but our first two houses were both brand new. No projects, no character. As we were looking for our new house, I started joking that one of the criteria was that it had to be built before 1900. We looked at some gorgeous houses, and some that needed some real work. After bringing family in to see houses, making offers and negotiating, we found the house and are just waiting on the closing time to be set.

The house was built in 1876 and is everything we were looking for. It is in town, so we will be able to take walks to local shops and parks when it warms up too. Not to mention, our really, really good friends will be our neighbors! I am so excited to share pictures of it and our projects as we go along.

In other updates, Leighton turned one. I can't believe it. I will do a post with his birthday details later. It was a fun lumberjack theme!

Kahlie Mae Photography

Kahlie Mae Photography

Kahlie Mae Photography

 That is all for now! The family is great, we are moving and super excited for 2017!

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