Meet the Family

Oh hey there! Welcome to the blog!
This place has been a long time coming. I started blogging a few years ago and never really hit my groove. Now we are switching gears and I know it will be for the best.
So, who are the Blair's and what will this blog be about?
Well, we are a central Indiana family - dad, mom, kid, dog. We love family, friends, projects, food and being active. Here is a little background on what brought us here.
Nate and I (the dad and mom),  met at college. He proposed my senior year and we were married that next winter. We bought our first house in Fort Wayne and lived our little life (that is when the first blog was born). He was an athletic trainer and I was an event planner at a golf course in town. We rounded out our life with a fur-baby named Remington.
New careers came and eventually a move was required. Nate got a job in Indianapolis, so we sold our house and began a search for the next one. During this process I lived with my in-laws and stayed at my job in Fort Wayne (working for an advertising/marketing agency) and he was staying with friends and family in Indy. Eventually we found a house we thought was great, bought it and moved our life south.
The day after moving (my 24th birthday to be exact), we found out we were expecting our first child, Leighton. I worked from home while Nate worked nearby. We nested and made that house ours as much as we could. That December, we brought Leighton home to his little nursery that I worked on for days. We would spend the next year in that house.
Eventually, another job shift would happen. Nate moved into sales and I went back to an actual office (an agency in Indianapolis). Following that life change, we decided it was time to leave our house in a sub-division and look for something more us. More projects, less cookie-cutter. Boy, did we find projects.
At the beginning of this year, we sold our house and moved into House #3. This one is the complete opposite of our previous two. It is 140 years old (the others were brand new) and is filling our desire for projects.
And so, here we are. All caught up to present day. Stay tuned for what is to come and memories of things from the past as they are relevant. We have DIY projects, house updates, kid stories and more to share. Maybe you are into it, maybe you aren't.
If you are, then welcome to The Blair Life.

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