Baby #2: 21 Week Update

Well, if you don't follow along on social media then you haven't heard the news. The wives' tales and ancient calendar predictions were all wrong. We are having another BOY!

For years, I have said that I wanted to be a boy mom and well it looks like that is the life God had planned for me. Baby #2, also known as Hudson, is joining this Blair Family.

We try and talk about the baby with Leighton so he has a chance at understanding what is going on. Every now and then he will lay his head down on my growing belly now and we are starting to have him tell Baby Hudson "goodnight" and "I love you" before he goes to bed now too. 

I got a cold last week so I have been feeling that. You never realize how grateful you are for cold medicine until you aren't allowed to have it. Hopefully it is gone soon!

Let's talk symptoms. 

I am working on stretching and some little core exercises to help with the lower back pain. It seems to be helping out. THANK HEAVENS.

The pressure on my chest/lungs is oh so real. Having a cold isn't helping I'm sure.

I am up about 11 pounds now, my belly button has popped halfway and I am officially in maternity jeans only (or leggings). Water is definitely my best friend and I am really working to drink enough of it.

Let's talk about the baby.

Little man is the size of a carrot, and measures about 10.5 inches and weighs approximately 10.5 ounces. His digestive system has developed more and he is starting to be able to absorb water and sugar from the amniotic fluid he is swallowing (most nutrition at this point still comes through the placenta). He is developing eyebrows, eyelashes and hair now too!

One thing baby H and Leighton have in common already is they LOVE to move. Constantly. The only real difference is I feel it much, much lower this time around.

Next on the list, starting to transition Leighton to his big boy room. Then on to the nursery!

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