Baby #2: Week 38

Oh what a week it was. I feel like this whole pregnancy I have been focused on this week.

We had the wedding in Fort Wayne this past weekend and now that it has come and gone (and I am still pregnant) I feel like everything is hitting me like a brick wall. I was so determined to avoid going into labor before this wedding, praying that we would make it through the weekend, that I didn't really allow myself to focus on other things. 

Now the wedding is over (it was great and beautiful and so much fun by the way), Hudson's room is done, the bags are packed and we just have to wait now. 

I think the craziest part of all of this has been knowing without a doubt that he will be here by a certain day and time. Obviously, the time may change a bit depending on how many people come in that night before and that morning on their own, but by Friday afternoon I will be snuggling my newest little boy. Oh, I really can't wait!

Let's talk symptoms. 

I'm itchy, stretched beyond measure and just uncomfortable. The worst part of it all is still the nosebleeds and the pain in  my hip. I would take it all over again though, knowing it will all lead to our new baby is worth it.

I am really trying to savor these last few days of feeling him move around in my belly. We are pretty set that we are only having two kids, so I won't feel this again. Pregnancy is kind of a weird feeling. It is crazy and amazing to know that your body is strong enough to create and grow a tiny human, but knowing you are a human fishbowl is also kind of weird to think about at the same time. Nonetheless, I will forever cherish these moments. The first few days after you actually have the baby are emotional enough as it is, but the sudden stillness you feel in you abdomen is something that takes a few days to get used to again. Ugh, but the cuddles that you get instead are just heaven!

Let's talk about the baby.

Week 38: There aren't many updates on the little dude again. He will continue to grow and gain weight each day until he is born now. At 38 weeks, he is about the size of a celery bunch (19.6 inches and 6.5-7 pounds). 

Our biggest question about him is whether or not he will be another blond haired, blue eyed baby or if I will get my mini instead. The odds are that he will be brown hair, brown eyes, but we said the same about Leighton so who really knows. 

Check back soon for more of The Blair Life. Make sure to follow along on social to get the first look at our new babe when he arrives!!

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