City Date Night

I think this may have been one of our busiest weekends at home since we moved. It was fun though and that is what matters. Dinner with friends, football date nights and lazy Sundays - winning weekend.


  Friday evening was spent cleaning our house as we waited for my friend and his girlfriend to get to town. Once they finally arrived we headed out for a late dinner and a lot of chit chat. It was the first time I got to meet her so it was really nice to just hang out.


During the day Saturday, Nate was nice and productive and worked out, ran home and then built and painted a side table for our guest bedroom.

Meanwhile I went and got a few groceries to get us through the day, and then spent some time laying outside in the sun since it wasn't scolding hot for once. Then I spent some time stretching and doing exercises to try and relieve my lower back pain that has appeared lately before getting ready for our date night. Eventually we were off to Indy for the game.

 photo 20150822_173759_zpsg3lf3v6h.jpg                         photo Snapchat-6743677284677642881_zpsi9ojz0gi.jpg

Nail polish is Trust Fund Beauty in Elegantly Wasted (7-free, cruelty-free, vegan and non-toxic nail polish!) and all the makeup on my face is listed below. Shirt is from Anna's Style Boutique (it isn't available online anymore, but there are other cute ones).

On my face:

 photo 20150822_180127_zpspubrm4yd.jpg  photo 20150822_180325_zpshbgi0opi.jpg  photo 20150822_181745_zpstx6wmzdb.jpg

I hadn't actually been to Lucas Oil before so it was a first time experience for me. The only NFL game I have been to was in Tennessee and it was years ago.

 photo 20150822_183652_zps7zqn9lht.jpg

The view from our seats was not too shabby. The atmosphere was nice and fun too, even though it was just a pre-season game. For the most part the starters were in the whole first half, but by the end of the third quarter we were on to third string players and we called it a night.

 photo 1440284310401_zpsslbyhzum.jpg

Hooray for self timers and a ledge right at the needed height!

 photo 1440284621829_zps0xpzwozr.jpg

Of course we had to get a picture of little Leighton's "first" game. He was kicking like crazy throughout it so we will just say he is a Colt's fan already.

(Almost) what I am wearing:

As soon as we got home we were both out pretty quick, and I was not mad about it. I am a huge fan of early bedtimes now.


I woke up with a wicked headache and a bit of a sore throat so I slept as long as I could while Nate got up with the dog. The majority of the day was then spent laying down, cuddling with Remi, doing my exercises and eventually eating. I just was feeling exhausted and pretty much got nothing accomplished. I did make my way over to a friend's house to chat, shop her closet for our vacation this week and snag some zucchini bread though. So that was productive right?

[This Week]

We are getting ready to head off on vacation so these first couple of days will be spent madly cleaning and packing, while also getting everything ready for my friend who is house/dog sitting for us all week. We have never left Remi for this long before so here is to hoping he does okay with it. The friend we have staying with him is pretty much his best friend most times so I am sure he will love it. I am pretty pumped for our trip though. Unfortunately, my back isn't looking like it is going to allow us a day at the zoo, but we will see what happens! If not, I won't be mad about another beach day.

And here we go with another week!

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Friday Lovin' | August 21

And with that, we have survived another work week and made it to Friday! Here are the things I have been loving lately.

1 | Obsessed with this perfume

It has that Sandalwood smell in it that I love so much, but also has violet and vanilla to bring it back to the feminine side. I love it so much, the perfect balance between masculine and feminine.

2 | Crest® 3D White™ Brilliance Daily Cleansing & Whitening System

Nate and I started using this system on Sunday this week to try and get our teeth in tip top, pearly white shape.

Crest(R) 3D Whit(TM) Brilliance Daily Cleansing & Whitening System

Other than the taste of it (like the dentist office) it hasn't been that bad really. I haven't looked at my teeth now compared to when we started yet, but will be soon. Hopefully we see results right away!

3 | Both of these pictures

This summer was filled with weddings and for two of them the Makeup Artist was little ol' me. I loved making my friends look flawless for their wedding day and these two pictures are a perfect reminder.

[Scarlet Thread Photography]

[Amanda DeBusk Photography]

4 | More Instagram Accounts

These are the shops that got some screenshot lovin' this week.


These moccs and this shirt would just be so perfect for our little Bear. 

Mmmm, I love everything. Her etsy site is pure gorgeousness. I only wish I could write as pretty as she does. 

I came across this shop because of a Facebook friend, and seriously I am  obsessed. These shirts are so simple and have a great message. I am loving this baseball tee and wishing this tank was not sold out.

If nothing else, I love this store for this shirt alone. I saw it and immediately thought of our little man. His room is Neverland/Peter Pan/Lost Boys inspired and this is exactly that.

5 | The Berry's Morning Coffee





Happy Weekending Friends!

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Bumpdate | 23 Weeks

 photo 23weeks_zps0moz50mb.jpg

[How far along]

23 Weeks
Only 120 more days, what!?

[Size of the baby]

A Grapefruit, Pomegranate!
Around 11.4 inches and almost 1 pound

[Weight Gain]

Um hoovering around 13 pounds now I think? I honestly forget since weighing myself this morning. It has all been a blur.


Swollen Ankles and Feet | Again, not that I have noticed.
Braxton Hicks Contractions | Still a no here
Aching Back | Winner. My back is killing me. Back being SI joint and shooting pain down my leg. Nate has given me exercises and general life instructions to try and make it better. Hopefully we can avoid an unneeded trip to the doctor/chiro.
Bleeding/Swollen Gums | Um not unless I hit my gums too hard with floss...


Constantly interrupted by bathroom breaks. 


We are having a little boy! The reveal story is here

[Maternity Clothes]

Yup, yup, yup. Things have been ordered, now we wait for them to arrive.


Not sure really. Food in general? Ha!
Honestly, I am still going strong with my fruit and healthier food cravings. Every now and then thoughts of pizza overwhelm me, but really sweet things just don't sound good. Don't get me wrong though, you put a good cookie in front of me and I will eat it.


Pretty good lately, until I start thinking about everything happening between now and baby and how fast it is all going to happen. 

I am also feeling him move a lot. It is such a crazy feeling, but I love knowing that my body is capable of carrying and creating this little human. 


Remi laid his head on my belly this week a couple of times. I don't know if he really knows what is going on, but I love thinking that he does. He is going to be such a good "brother" and I can't even handle imagining the cuteness that is to come, like these pictures.

OMG this is adorable!
Thank you Kim for sharing this....LOVE this, and these pictures WILL be happening with all of our babies! (Bella, Gunner and little baby Davis)
Also, we finished the changing table this week. I am so thankful that Nate is so handy and has taken on so many projects.

That is it. We are getting closer and it is so crazy!

What I have my eye on for him:
What I have my eye on for me:

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Time Well Spent

Let's just see what happened this weekend shall we? Words and the good old captures on my phone.


Right after work I spent a little time with Remi outside playing fetch. He is just the happiest when he is running around like crazy.

 photo 20150814_174027_zpsogjngmzs.jpg

Eventually we got ourselves together for a night out under the stars watching Back to the Future at a local winery. Unfortunately the movie kept restarting so we didn't stay for the whole thing, but it was fun while it lasted. We had popped some popcorn and grabbed some other snacks and enjoyed time as a "family". (Olivia is considered our child on some occasions haha).

 photo IMG_20150814_201557_zpsvh2op19g.jpg

 photo 20150814_201915_zpshhy59imn.jpg  photo 20150814_202801_zpsyt7gjwvj.jpg  photo 20150814_204031_zps8twfhjkv.jpg

As normal, the best picture of Liv and I is the one where we aren't smiling.


Saturday was a day all about my lovely bestie that is getting married next Fall. We headed up to the north side of Indy to do a little dress shopping with a huge group of people and thankfully she found the one. I can't wait until next year when I get to see my best friend marry her best friend.

 photo 20150815_114223_zpskkbmmkfp.jpg
This is my feed me now face. I was a tad bit hungry.

Also, I debuted my new hair this weekend. It is a very ashy brown with the blonde bits poking through every now and then. I am just excited to eventually not have as much work to do to keep it healthy feeling. Obviously it is still super dry from all the bleaching before, but I have found some pretty good stuff to help me out with that. Most recently, I received a bottle of Infusium 23 Leave-In Smoothing Creme (c/o Influenster for testing purposes), and after a weekend long test I must say I am impressed. I used it instead of my regular It's a 10 leave-in treatment and I did notice a pretty big difference in how smooth my hair felt. What it didn't do as well was help detangle, but that is a different battle.

 photo 20150815_225405_zpsgacfkkcw.jpg

That evening we headed to my other lovely bestie's house to spend time with them. We ended up back in the bar we frequented as college students, and all took a moment to take in the realization that we were townies now. Sheesh how things change.

(Almost) Saturday's Outfit:
It is all very similar but not exact as everything is from last year and not available online now.


It happened. I bought maternity clothes. We started at Target and found me a new bra, bikini top and a pair of comfy shorts (all technically non-maternity). After that long trip, as Target trips always are, we headed to the mall to check out what Old Navy had to offer in the way of maternity shorts. They had two pair and none were in my size. Great right? Then we wandered a bit more in search of black maxi skirts and no luck there either. Our last stop, after a quick detour to look at puppies at a pet shop, was to Dottie where we looked but found nothing worth the splurge.

That being said, I ended up doing my maternity shopping online and Gap/Old Navy came through for me. Now hopefully everything gets here in time.

Also accomplished on Sunday was about 3 loads of laundry and some general house clean up and the building of a changing table to top the desk we have in the nursery. Now we just have to paint that and it will be ready for a changing pad.

And we can't forget to mention that football was on yesterday. Unfortunately it was not a good day for the Colts. It was however a good day for Jason Day who won the PGA Championship yesterday. He was so emotional and it was so great to see...never thought I would say that about golf. Oh how things change as you grow up. 

[This Week]

Let's see, what is going on this week? Well, I am hoping to get my yoga practice days up to at least 3 this week. I am starting to have some lower back pain that is tapering down to the back of my leg so I have been trying to stretch my back/hips and Nate has been realigning my hips which also provides some relief (thank heavens for an Athletic Trainer husband). Also, I am aiming to get in the gym 3 times as well. We have a few projects to tackle here, and we will also be continuing to get ready for our California trip. I have a work trip to through into the mix, he has a golf outing and now it looks like we will be heading into Indy for a football game. Goodness it is crazy how the week just fills up so fast.

Any tips for the back pain during pregnancy from you mommas out there? What was the highlight of your week?

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Friday Lovin' | August 14

1 | My morning skincare

Recently I have been doing a really quick morning skincare routine to start the day off fresh. It has been great, my skin feels clean and refreshed.


2 | Vaseline Holy Duo

These have been a God-send lately. I use the Cocoa Radiant right after my shower and the Aloe Soothe as needed throughout the day or after coming in from beingout in the sun. It is instant releif for my always itchy skin lately.

Vaseline Spray & Go Cocoa Radiant Vaseline Spray & Go Aloe Fresh

3 | These Insta Accounts


I have really been on an Instagram kick lately and these accounts/shops have had the most love screenshot wise on my phone.

This, this, and especially this.

Obsessed with these and these.

Loving this and this.

4 | Nursery Progress

 photo 20150814_145416_zpsamdwupog.jpg  photo 20150809_184854_zps4dt01i00.jpg
Nate and I have really made some progress in Leighton's room this week. We finished our painted section of wall on Sunday, he built shelves and hung them yesterday and I finished the desk/changing table paint job yesterday. Nate is planning on building a changing table top to add to the desk (it will bump it up 3 inches or so and keep the pad in place). Now we just need a chair...this is the one I keep going back to:

Tinsley Swivel Glider by Baby Relax in grey

5 | The Berry's Morning Coffee

Thanks for submitting original awesome/hilarious photos! Click HERE to upload your images or send to theBERRYsubmit[at]gmail[dot]com





Happy Friday people!

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