Twenty-Five Wishes

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25 candles means 25 wishes right? I'd like to think so. Here is everything that I "wished" for on my birthday (a healthy mix of blog, personal and home wishes). It is obviously a couple of weeks after, but these things are all so pretty I couldn't not would be a pretty good mother's day list too.

1 | Black leather jacket

I have been wanting a black leather jacket (fitted) for so long now. It is classically bad ass and I want it.

2 | Black Nikes

Currently I have a pair, but they have a hole in them so I have to wear black socks. Not a huge deal, but I would like a new pair anyway.

3 | Silver Watch

I had one from college, but the face of it got broken during our move. Plus this Kate Spade one is just so classic.

4 | Trench

Again, classic. I am really trying to step up my adult wardrobe and this is just another piece that I really think is needed.

5 | Live Lokai Bracelet

I have seen these everywhere and just think they are cool. It's jewelry you can wear with running shorts without looking ridiculous.

6 | Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Perfume

OBSESSED with this scent. It is so manly without being like "girl is wearing cologne" ya know?

Creating the Future

You get it Abraham. The guy knew what he was talking about, you know. I hope you all tackled your Monday and are on your way to achieving the future you create for yourself!

Last week was rough, Nate was gone for training for his new job and I was here with the baby. Seriously, kudos to all the single parents out there. I did it for 3 and a half days and was exhausted. Being a parent is hard sometimes, but you are the definition of superhero.

On to this weekend though.


So, Wednesday I was running and hit a bump with the stroller, which threw my phone out and shattered the screen. By Friday Nate agreed to get new phones so I could stop getting glass in my finger... We headed to the mall and ended up with two new LG G5s. We both love them so far.

That evening we had dinner at Scotty's, which was delicious as always. My beer wasn't my best choice though.

With Sprinkles on Top

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Or around the edges. Whatever it takes to put a little extra sparkle on your day. Nate gave me a hard time about wanting sparkles or something when we went to the store to buy the ingredients for these cookies. Yeah, I don't have to be a 5 year old to get sparkly things okay? It is my birthday, I'll add sprinkles and sparkle until I'm gone.

Anyway, thankfully I got a nice little coupon for a tub of Country Crock in the mail from Influenster to test out a new, simpler buttery spread that was made up of things I can actually pronounce. There are no artificial preservatives, no artificial flavors and 0 grams of trans fat per serving. 

So yup, the butter used in these cookies was free but I was going to make cookies anyway. Plus the butter tasted good, smelled like butter and worked for baking. Winning. Let's get on with the cookies shall we?


Learn from Rafiki

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As I inch within hours of my 25th birthday, I figured it was best to share wisdom that can only come from the best...Rafiki. You can't help but think about the past sometimes, but instead of letting it bum you out or keep you from trying new things you have to learn from it and grow. Thank you Rafiki.

Now on to the weekend.


Like most Friday nights, we were pretty relaxed. A movie and some couch relaxing. You know, the standard. I had planned on painting my nails but that didn't happen. What did happen is my lovely bestie since high school came down and joined us for some deep dish pepperoni pizza. "My Girl" was the movie of choice, and I loved it just like I used to.

Punch It

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It was a crazy week and a productive weekend. This will make for a pretty good Monday morning, I just know it. Besides, I have every intention of waking up, grabbing some coffee and tackling the day head on. Time to punch Monday in the face and do work! Before we get going though, here is a quick recap of the weekend's accomplishments and my goals for the week ahead.

Oh, and did you notice the change? I finally got my domain all set up. Yay! I love it, that alone helps to get me out of my funk. Okay, on to the recap.


After work we spent the evening just hanging out as a family. I made dinner (my favorite simply/healthy pasta) and then Nate ran out and got us Blizzards after. It is all about balance people. Leighton fell asleep decently early and surprised us by sleeping all night long. Win!

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