Making the Change

I can't tell you how many times I have told myself, "Kati, get your shit together," in reference to my workout routine. It is hard, because I let it be. Yes, it would be easier if we had a better gym. Yes, it would be easier if I had a full weight room in my house. Yes, it would be easier if I had 2 extra hours in the day.

Honestly, I could make excuses all day long. The truth is, finding time to make it work is my only problem. I come home from work and want to spend time with my family, then I get comfortable. Well I am over my own excuses and I am tired of not being happy with what I see in the mirror (especially during the summer months).

Meet the Family: The Kid

You have met Nate and I, now it is time to meet the little one in the family. 

Leighton is our little ball of energy, and is a huge focus of our life (duh). He is now almost a year and a half and is constantly learning, moving and surprising us. 

After a long labor (see this post for details), Leighton was born on Sunday, December 13, 2015. He was 8 pounds and 21 inches long. Love at first sight, clearly. 


Meet the Family: The Dad

Hey, hey everyone. It is my turn to introduce myself and explain my role here.

This is Nate the ‘husband/dad’  and this is quite a bit outside of my comfort zone, but here we go. I was born and raised in Northeast Indiana with my older sister, younger twin brothers and parents. I love everything outdoors, fitness and sports related.


My Go-To Mom Hair

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In the spirit of motherhood, let's talk mom hair. When I think of mom hair I immediately think of a short, easy to manage bob. Yeah, that isn't my hair. 

I chopped my hair off while I was pregnant, but haven't done more than a trim since. Now it is long and takes some effort to make it look decent. Don't get me wrong, I love a mom bob. I really wish I could pull it off, but if my hair is shorter than my shoulders I look 12. It is not a good look. 

So what is my mom hair look? It is an intentionally messy, half up bun. I switch it up all the time. Sometimes it is super high, sometimes low, and sometimes I work in a braid. No matter what, I make it look messy because it will end up there anyway. Might as well make it look intentional right?


Meet the Family: The Mom

We are going to walk through each member of the Blair family over the next few weeks. This way you can really understand who is behind this blog. Yes, I (the mom) am typically the one writing the posts, but this place is made up of each of us. Let's get on with it shall we?

Hi, I am Kati. Wife of Nate, mom to Leighton and Remington, and millennial woman. I was born in Vermont, and have been an Indiana resident for the majority (almost all) of my life.

Let's Go for a Hike

The weather in Indiana is less than predictable. A few weeks ago we were sweating our way through a hike, and now we are bundled up in sweaters again. It is killer, let me tell ya.
Anyway, we aren't here to complain. We are here to talk about that hike!
We are lucky to live where we do. Not only are we close enough to both sides of our family that we get to visit them often, but we also are really close to some cool "adventures". The first of our adventures came a couple of weeks ago when we traveled south to Brown County State Park.
We packed up our Lunchables, peanuts, and granola bars (and water) and we headed out. Thankfully, we had this spiffy new backpack carrier to hold Leighton. I had hiked with him in a different pack before and it was not ideal. This one was great though! Nate really thought it was comfortable and L seemed to enjoy it also.
Nate picked our trail and it ended up being a pretty good one. The views were great and the distance was just about right. By the end L was sleeping and we were exhausted.

Meet the Family

Oh hey there! Welcome to the blog!
This place has been a long time coming. I started blogging a few years ago and never really hit my groove. Now we are switching gears and I know it will be for the best.
So, who are the Blair's and what will this blog be about?
Well, we are a central Indiana family - dad, mom, kid, dog. We love family, friends, projects, food and being active. Here is a little background on what brought us here.
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