Baby #2: 21 Week Update

Well, if you don't follow along on social media then you haven't heard the news. The wives' tales and ancient calendar predictions were all wrong. We are having another BOY!

For years, I have said that I wanted to be a boy mom and well it looks like that is the life God had planned for me. Baby #2, also known as Hudson, is joining this Blair Family.

We try and talk about the baby with Leighton so he has a chance at understanding what is going on. Every now and then he will lay his head down on my growing belly now and we are starting to have him tell Baby Hudson "goodnight" and "I love you" before he goes to bed now too. 


A Holiday Tradition (or Four)

Growing up we had holiday traditions that I looked forward to each year. 

When I was super little, we made sugar cookies with my cousins at our Nana's house. 

My Oma ALWAYS bought us an ornament and an advent calendar. When my Oma was no longer with us, my mom took on the task.

We went and drove around to look at the lights each year too. That was more of an unofficial tradition, but it is still something I remember vividly.


Christmas at Home

I love decorating for Christmas. With us moving multiple times in the past few years, my ornaments are kind of a mix of different things that have been reworked based on our space. It has all seemed to come together pretty nicely though. 

I figured with the big day quickly approaching I would share what we DO have up and list a few things I am planning on ramping up/adding next year!


Toddler Boy Gift Guide

Shopping for a little boy can be hard. Clothing wise, there is just so much more for little girls. Toy wise, there are so many electronic things now that it can be hard to separate from it. 

For Leighton's Christmas presents this year, we wanted to stick to educational things, toys and animals that he really loves, books and clothes. We didn't quite hit the 4 present - want, need, wear, read - ideal, but each of the things we got him fall in one of those categories. Of all the stuff we got him, we only have one electronic (technically) item, but it is something that he is going to be able to grow with and use in the car on our trips. 

This gift guide is a mix of things we actually got, things our family gifted or things we thought about getting for Leighton this year. 

Baby #2: Week 20 & Gender Predictions

We made it to week 20! Our big doctor appointment is this afternoon and we are so excited!

I have absolutely no idea what this baby is going to be. Nate wants/thinks it is going to be a girl. And if we ask Leighton if it is going to be a brother or a sister he 9/10 times says sister. Most of our friends say girl too, but again I think it is more of they WANT it to be a girl. Ha!

With Leighton I was so sure that he was going to be a boy, like from the beginning. I just really can't put a finger on what I am thinking now. Now that we will be finding out within the next 24 hours, I think it would be fun to address some old wives tales before we talk symptoms and baby growth.


Leighton Turns TWO!

Is it just me, or is parenthood a constant roller coaster of hypocritical thoughts?

Hear me out. Last week, we got a note from Leighton's daycare saying that as long as we were comfortable with it, they were okay with him starting to wear underwear during the day instead of diapers. UNDERWEAR. Not pull-ups, underwear. I had such conflicting emotions about this. On one hand I was incredibly proud that my almost two-year-old was making it through the day without wetting his diaper. On the other hand, I couldn't believe that we were having this conversation before my baby turned two. 


Baby #2: Week 19

Man, oh man! The time is flying by. I really can't believe we are almost halfway through this pregnancy and that we will be meeting this sweet little munchkin sooner than later. 

We are still holding back on getting things set up in the nursery and buying things for this baby until we find out what it is and after Christmas. Come January we will move Leighton into his new bedroom and once he is settled we will move on to baby.


Baby #2: Week 18

Hello again! 

18 Week Bumpdate Picture

(I got a little behind in posting these, so you will be reading this while I am in week 19 actually.)

We are so close to finding out if this baby is a boy or a girl! To say I am excited would be an understatement. With Leighton I was positive from the beginning that he was going to be a boy. This time around, I have no idea at all. Some things make me think girl, some boy. Nate wants a girl so we can for sure be done after this one, ha! Really I just want to know if we can reuse Leighton's stuff or if we get to start shopping for bows, florals and sequins. 

This week we had Leighton's birthday party and a Christmas cookie day, so before that Nate and I did a TON of cleaning. I felt the urge to really start sorting through things and purging. I didn't start doing much of that with Christmas and other activities coming up. Watch out January, I feel like it is going to be a cleaning and purging month. 


Baby #2: Weeks 6-17

I need to do a little catch up on the weekly updates. Here are weeks 6-17 for ya!

Week 6

Nothing crazy yet. Vertigo is real, just like last time. Acne is also back, but not quite to the extent is was with Leighton. 

I do feel like I am getting more nauseous this time. With Leighton I was more just not in the mood to eat anything, now if I get hungry I feel so, so sick. Some foods are messing with me too which is annoying (I really like spicy pickles, but not sure if they are going to be enjoyable for a while). I am also not having the mad desire for Fruit Loops and donuts like I did. Not necessarily a bad thing since there is ZERO nutritional value in either of those. Ha!


My Cleanest Hair

In a world obsessed with ways to make your hair last just one more day without washing it, I think we are forgetting to talk about how to to clean it when you finally cave. For me, the feeling of clean hair (after successfully making it three or four days without washing) is one of the best feelings.

Real quick, let me tell you about my hair. It is naturally fine, dark and pretty much stick straight. In high school and college I rarely went a day without washing it. Looking back now, washing it so much probably led to the amount of oil my scalp was producing. 


A Trip to Vermont

Traveling with a toddler is a load of fun, let me just tell ya...

Honestly, he wasn't all that bad this time. Last year's trip to Vermont was not as nice. 12+ hours in a car really isn't fun for anyone though so you can't blame the kid for being grouchy. 

So, Vermont! It is my favorite place ever, and finally Nate was able to make the trip with me. We have been together since October of 2009 and he finally made it in September of 2017. At least he made it once right?

The Drive

We left our house Thursday afternoon and I took the first leg of the trip.

After about 7 hours we switched and I took a little nap. Nate was a saint and drove the most boring part of the trip while I slept. Then about two hours out from Woodstock, I hopped back in the driver's seat. All in all, it took us 15 hours to get there. Not too shabby for two drivers and a 21 month old!

Day 1

When we got to my Opa's, Leighton was wide awake. Thankfully my dad volunteered to watch him while Nate and I got some sleep. Later that day we headed out for our first hike of the week, Mt Peg. This is the mountain that my Opa's house sits on, and it is a hike that we do every time that we visit. 

Day 2

So, if you have read the bio I have on this blog you will know that I was actually born in Vermont. Burlington to be exact. That is where we headed for our second day of adventures!

We hit Market Street after eating lunch by the water. Leighton ended up falling asleep in the stroller on the walk back down to the lake so he missed out on playing at the park while we were there. 

Day 3

What is a trip to New England without a rainy day? On day three we headed to the science museum to get Leighton out of the house and doing something. He LOVED it!

Rainy days are also good for story time and building blocks with Opa, which makes my heart happy. 


Day 4

We had another beautiful day on our day 4 of the trip, so we went for another hike! This time we went up Mt Tom. It is another mountain in Woodstock and is a hike we typically do when we visit. Leighton slept the entire way up, but on the way down he was singing and talking up a storm!

We also took advantage of the great weather and headed out to my Opa's apartments. When I was little he lived here and I have so many memories playing outside. Now I have pictures of my little guy playing in the same spot! Nate also was able to see my Opa's workshop which I am sure made him happy (it is a pretty nice setup!).

Day 5

Our last day was the most relaxed. We thought is was going to rain, but it didn't last long actually. Leighton was able to play at the park for a while and Nate and I were able to get our stuff packed without rushing. 

That afternoon we hopped in the car and headed home, this time my Dad was with us too so we had more help driving. 

I am so, so glad we were able to make this trip. Sharing these moments with my little family is something I hope to keep doing as the years go by. My trips to Vermont as a kids are some of my favorite memories, hopefully they can be some of Leighton's too!

Thanks for stopping by!


Our Fall Update

Hello dear friends! Thanks for stopping in today! Life around the Blair house has been busy all summer long and now that it is starting to feel like fall, life is starting to slow a bit. Not mad at all!

Anyway I wanted to pop in and just give a quick update on our life, and share some of the AMAZING pictures that Paige (PEB Photography) did for us recently.


About Mom Style

As a mom, I feel like there is always a lot of judgement thrown around about all aspects of life. One of the big ones tends to be mom style. The typical thought is plain, conservative and comfortable. All of those things sound great. I mean I have my classic v-neck and jean moments, and my leggings and t-shirt moments. However, I also really like my tanks, bralettes, and heels.

Get the look | Save $ on a pair of DIFFs

Dressing in cute trendy outfits isn't out of the realm of possibilities as a mom. Granted most of the time things have to be adapted for practicality (a slinky top with nothing underneath doesn't work when you are chasing a toddler), but it is possible to still look cute and be a great mom.

Talking (Gut) Health

Summer has been a whirlwind. Between weddings, vacations, parties for all kinds of things and projects around the house, my personal health has taken a backseat a bit. I've been eating decently well, and working out here and there. However my vitamin and supplement game has been lacking. I've felt a little bloated and just off really.

Truly I've felt off ever since having Leighton. Mom gave me the suggestion of taking probiotics right then and there. Did I listen? For a week, then I stopped. Well, I'm jumping back on the probiotic train.


The Blair's Do Lake Life

Last week on Monday we were on the lake, enjoying some sun and our vacation. It was a much needed break and some great time spent with family.

My bikini top | Leighton's Swim Trunks
Leighton wasn't the biggest water lover, but he did get some good sleeps in (everywhere except in his bed).


Wedding Makeup | Erin & Her Crew

One of the weddings I had the pleasure of doing makeup for this summer was my new sister-in-law's. It was also the last of my weddings until August. That being said, I wanted to share a few pictures of the bride and her bridesmaids and their final looks. I loved how they all turned out and all of these ladies were so fun to work with.


Summer as a Blair

How in the world is it July already!? I feel like the days of the calendar are flying by. Anyone else feel that way? Anyone?

So as the days have been flying by, the Blair house has been staying super busy. I thought I would fill you in, just in case you don't follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat. Really, we give you plenty of ways to keep up. 

Let's start in May. We started with a wedding (as guests) for the first two weekends. The third, I had a bridal shower, then the fourth I did makeup for a bridal party. 


The Tan Life: Picking a Spray Tan Artist

I used to be a sun worshipping, tanning-crazed girl. Seriously, I look back at pictures from high school and college and wonder why no-one told me to chill out on the tanning (my family claims it was because I would cry if they did). 

Not only did it look bad, but it was a terrible habit that was damaging my skin. Now I did get lucky. Recently while getting a facial, my esthetician (love her) looked at my skin with this light to see sun damage and told me I really only had a spot on the tip of my nose. That was a relief as I was expecting to hear much worse. Now I don't take any chances. I wear sunscreen on the daily and if I do lay out, I wear at least 30 (sometimes 50). 

With all that sun protection I really don't get much color, obviously. I want the color though, I hate being pale (it is not a look I can pull off). So, how do you get the color without the damage? Spray tans! That wonderful esthetician I mentioned earlier is also my spray tan artist, and I see her pretty regularly. 

My usual routine is to see her on a Wednesday or Thursday, shower the next morning (following her instruction sheet) and rock my tan for a week and a half. I will do another post on home maintenance/best-practices for extending the length of your spray tan next week. 

Before, 1 hour after spray, next morning after a shower.
(Unfortunately, I didn't have the same lighting for each so the color isn't exact. I was much darker by the end than when I started and it doesn't show that way.)


Staying in the Know

By now, I think we have established that I am a mom with limited time, right? Well, add to that the fact that we don't have live TV in our house (well not local channels anyway), and you can see how my exposure to current events is limited.

Sure I could listen to the radio (which I do), or follow news anchors and stations on social (again, I do) but there is also another way I keep up.

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